The largest China made die casting machine with China made mold produces fine castings

intermediate housing
Neimenggu Hongda Die Casting Co.,Ltd

Intermediate housing is a part used on heavy-duty trucks. With the light-weighting trend of automobile extends to trucks, traditional steel parts gradually replaced by aluminum cast parts, aluminum intermediate housing was emerged.
Evaluation experts Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Chun-Quan Zhai said that using of China made biggest die casting machine and China made precision mold is the highlight of this product, it reduces about 100kg weight for a truck. It is more worthy of popularization, because of a company like Neimenggu Hongda Die Casting is dare to use of China made equipment, which will gradually increases manufacturing level of domestic die casting equipment and molds.
According to the company’s deputy general manager Xin Xiaoguang, the die-casting equipment is a Suzhou SANJI Foundry Equipment Co.,Ltd production of 4500t die-casting machine. The mold is produced by Ningbo SCIVEDA Machinery Co., ltd, which is weighing up to 37t, but the price is nearly 20 times lower than import molds. Although there are still some problems,but Xin Xiaoguang thinks that if you want to make joint progress you have to be bold.