660-1350MW High efficient ultra-supercritical steam turbine reheat main gas valve body

Shanghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Castings & Forgings Cop. Ltd

 In thermal power industry, its been said that "ten grams of coal consumption, takes a generation’s technology." In recent years, Shanghai Honggang made a progress on dropping coal consumption by countless bold self-development innovations, and highly boosted the development of world’s large clean and efficient ultra-supercritical steam turbine thermal power units. This is a revolution on coal-fired equipment manufacturing, it has significant meaning for China to lead the world, be one of the first countries to enter the energy-saving and clean coal consumption era. It is also a great opportunity for the development of the country’s advanced equipment manufacturing and business transformation, the market prospect is immeasurable.

 According to the deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Honggang Wu Tieming, which is the first successfully developed high temperature 620 ℃ 660-1260MW and efficient ultra-supercritical steam turbine unit accessory products in China. At present, the ordinary coal-fired units consumed an average of 330 grams per kilowatt, even a 600 ℃ heat- resistant coal-fired units consumed 278 g, while Shanghai Honggang is the first to enter the era of high temperature 620 ° C heat resistant, the coal consumption is only 250 g.