The project of Hengyuan renewable castings

With the rapid development of science and technology, for auto parts manufactures, there is an increasing demand for technology. In the future, casting enterprises will continue to develop the introduction of high-end products, for product differentiation will be the primary means of access to advantage. Therefore, Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to make further advances. For example, the use of scrap iron adds an annual output of 50,000 tons of car casting production line project.
Chaoyang city and its surrounding region have a large number of mechanical processing enterprises, scrap iron yield is very large, only Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel can produce for up to 1,000 tons of iron filings monthly. Most of these filings are sold to small recycling collection departments to have the secondary smelting. As a result, low-quality pig iron was produced. This is a tremendous waste of resources.
Besides, scrap iron during the smelting process is a great threat to environmental pollution. To understand this situation, with the help of CFA, Hengyuan Machinery consulted Foundry Research Institute. On the basis of this, they developed a cast iron chips reduction technology, with the iron mold coated sand process, direct production of high precision castings. The purpose of energy saving, reduce production is successfully realized. Cost reducing, waste utilization and environmental protection are also feasible at this moment.
Source: China Foundry Association (CFA)
Edited and Translated by Liu Jie