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All the 15 temporary hospitals built to exclusively receive novel coronavirus patients in Wuhan, Hubei province, have been closed, with the daily number of reported new cases hitting a record low. 

Wuchang Temporary Hospital, which was converted from a sports stadium, closed on Tuesday afternoon after its final 49 patients were discharged, making it the last of the temporary hospitals in Wuhan, the center of the epidemic in China, to close its doors.

The hospital, which was converted within two days, received a total of 1,124 patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19 in the 35 days of its operation. No patients died in the hospital and none of its medical staff were infected, according to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, its leading operator.

The city's 15 temporary hospitals, which were converted from exhibition halls, sports stadiums and warehouses, received more than 12,000 patients, which means that one in four COVID-19 patients in Wuhan were treated in these hospitals, said Ma Xiaowei, minister of the National Health Commission.

Only 17 new cases were reported in Wuhan on Monday, compared with 3,910 at the peak of the outbreak on Feb 13, according to the National Health Commission. In addition, only two new cases were reported in other areas of the Chinese mainland, both of which imported, the commission said.