Xi urges redoubling contagion fight

President Xi Jinping urged redoubled efforts, firmer resolve and more decisive measures to curb the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia in order to win the battle against the epidemic. Xi made the remark while inspecting NCP prevention and control work in Beijing lately.

Xi visited the Anhuali residential community in Chaoyang district, where he learned about prevention and control at the community level and the supply of daily necessities. He chatted with residents and community workers and gave them his regards.

Xi stressed the importance of community-based control of the contagion, and called for detailed prevention and control measures to be taken in communities around the country.

During a visit to Beijing Ditan Hospital, designated for treating NCP, Xi learned about the treatment of infected patients there, and made video calls to hospitals receiving infected patients in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, in Hubei province.

He greeted medical workers on the front line, reminded them to protect themselves and asked them to make every effort to improve admission and recovery rates and lower infection and mortality rates.

Wuhan and Hubei province remain the top priority in the epidemic control efforts and hold the key to final victory in the fight against the virus throughout the country, he said.

Xi urged utmost efforts to admit infected patients, optimize diagnostic and treatment plans and uphold social stability by strengthening social governance and properly dealing with the problems arising in the process of disease prevention and control.

Xi underscored the need to promote education regarding laws on contagious diseases and related knowledge among the general public to guide them in enhancing law-based prevention and control work, and to help them improve their awareness and capability for self-protection.

Xi said epidemic control is a grave battle that matters to people's safety and health, and he urged Party officials and members to shoulder their responsibilities and carry out the policies and measures of the CPC Central Committee in their entirety.

Xi stressed that while preventing and controlling the epidemic, coordinated efforts should be made to keep employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, foreign and domestic investments and expectations stable.

The nation should have firm confidence that the general trend of China's economy in maintaining sound development in the long term remains unchanged, he said. Despite momentary problems and challenges, Xi called for reducing the epidemic's impact on the Chinese economy to the minimum and striving to complete the socioeconomic tasks planned this year.