2018 China Die Casting Congress & 2nd CEO Forum Held in Beilun

2018 China International Die Casting Congress & the 2nd CEO Forum, sponsored by China Foundry Association, was held on Oct. 24-26 in Beilun, Ningbo, which is a die casting industry demonstration base in China. More than 700 industry insiders from Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, HongKong, Germany, US, Sweden and Japan participated in the congress. With the theme of “Die Casting in the New Era-More Lightweight, Stronger, More Eco-friendly”, the congress is targeted to deal with problems in the industry and discuss development strategy.

Representatives mainly came from die casting production enterprises (33.9%), die casting machines and peripheral equipment manufacturers (26.8%), die and mold suppliers (9.3%) and materials suppliers (9.4%), as well as the participation of representatives from other fields such as government, industry associations, institutes and software suppliers. The proportion of senior executives above the deputy general manager is as high as 70.5%.

The dialogue guests include Mr. Tang Jiexiong, Chairman of Guangdong Wencan, Mr. Xu Xudong, Chairman of Ningbo Xusheng Automotive Technology Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, Chairman of IKD Co.Ltd, Mr. Yu Yajun, General Manager of Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting CO.Ltd., Mr. Zhang Guoguang, deputy general manager of Guangdong Hongtu and Mr. Zhuang Shuiwang, President of Taiwan Foundry Society, President of Taiwan Die Casting Association. They shared company's development history, introduced successful experiences, carried out in-depth discussion of the bottleneck problems faced by the die-casting industry, and talked about industry hotspots including light-weight trends and intelligent. The conference was filled with applause.

As the soul of this dialogue session, the host Mr. Zhang Dong concluded: "Everyone's life is different. The golden period of others may be at 30 years old. Your golden period may be at 20 years old or 70 years old. Today, our guests have shared their success story with us. I believe that everyone will be inspired. Everyone can succeed. When the opportunity comes, please be ready to hold your god of destiny. Thus, you will have a wonderful life."

In the afternoon of Oct. 26, the participants were divided into several groups to pay visits to Ningbo LK Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Xusheng Co., Ltd, Ningbo Huiwang Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. The work visits allowed participants to learn success stories of these companies comprehensively.

The delegates gave high praise to the conference which has hit the pain points of the industry. The conference will play a practical guiding role for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and large-scale international die-casting enterprises.