TIANRUN CRANKSHAFT Innovation Product Triggers Engine’s Revolution

TIANRUN CRANKSHAFT CO., LTD.’s products attracted a large number of visitors’ attention during METAL CHINA 2017, which was held in June, Shanghai. TIANRUN CRANKSHAFT CO., LTD. is the first to use QT900-5 as the main material in the production of crankshaft and continues with innovation, till now, it has tackled key technological problem and filled the gap in several areas home and abroad. Tianrun Crankshaft has now become the leading crankshaft company in China, which provides products to Weichai Power, FAWDE, Cummins, Caterpillar, Daimler, etc.. The QT900-5 crankshaft has many advantages such as excellent mechanical properties, low production cost and relatively low weight. Its research & development and application is pioneering at home and abroad, providing a cost-effective option for high-power high-speed supercharged engines and will inevitably lead to "heart revolution" in the field of automobile engines. Tianrun uses scraps that easily obtained on the market to melt high-quality steel, and has developed QT900-5 ductile iron with tensile strength ≥ 900MPa, elongation ≥ 5%. Compared with the same high-strength ductile iron of its kind, its plasticity index increases by 150%, toughness increases by about 70%, fatigue limit increases by about 28%. Based on this material, Tianrun has developed a series of Steyr ductile cast iron crankshafts for Weichai, which increased the fatigue strength by about 38% and 14% respectively compared with the originally designed 45# steel and 42CrMo nitrided forged steel crankshafts. Compared with the traditional production of ductile iron, the production of QT900-5 not only save a lot of steel, but also save the cost of processing, so it can save costs of more than 30%; moreover, QT900-5 crankshaft need not to quench or nitriding, avoiding waste water and exhaust emissions. Tianrun has now formed the production capacity of 40,000 tons per year of QT900-5 crankshaft, and it has achieved sales revenue of 1.016 billion yuan and a profit of 152 million yuan in the past three years. For the first time, Tianrun has replaced steel with iron in the production of high-power high-speed supercharged engine crankshaft, helping the purchase price of main engine plant reduce about 30%, reducing the cost of more than 40 million yuan per year, saving more than 20,000 tons of steel, saving electricity of more than 400,000 degrees. Strong technical R&D and innovation ability not only win an absolute voice for the company in the industry, but also win the favor of domestic and foreign famous companies, helping the company to realize the goal of supporting the high-end market. Source: Chine Industry News