Smart Foundry Light Alloy Innovation Center Established

On November 29, 2017, the founding conference of the National Smart Foundry Light Alloy Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Light Alloy Innovation Center) was held in Daya Bay, Guangdong Province. Mr. Huang Zhijun, member of the Standing Committee of Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone in Huizhou, Mr. Zhang Libo, vice chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation and standing vice president of China Foundry Association attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Mr. Peng Fan, chief supervisor of China Foundry Association and chairman of National Smart Foundry Industry Innovation Center, Mr. Li Yuanfa, the executive director of China Foundry Association and Chairman of Kashui International Holdings Limited, and Mr. Deng Chao, the Deputy General Manager of Foundry E-commerce Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed "National Smart Foundry Light Alloy Innovation Center Investment Agreement."

Light Alloy Innovation Center is one important component of the national smart foundry industry innovation center. On December 1, 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission released the "Letter of Consent to Establish a National Innovation Center for Foundry Industry," and agreed KOCEL Group to take the lead in building the first national industrial innovation center. The National Smart Foundry Industry Innovation Center was established in Yinchuan on May 19, 2017 and will establish "standard + demonstration" intelligent transformation promotion model, set up a number of sub-centers in the industry concentration areas and establish a number of digital intelligent demonstration plants and demonstration industrial parks. The Light Alloy Innovation Center will build an intelligent manufacturing research institute, new light alloy material research and development center, end product research and development center, startup space and startup workshop, shared industry cloud and remote operation and maintenance center, industrial display services, shared college, which will aggregate industry-related resources and actively apply for innovative platforms such as national incubators, startup spaces, National Engineering Research Center, and National Technology Innovation Center. By promoting big data analysis of light alloys, the industrial integration and application of intelligent equipment technologies such as green manufacturing, new materials, 3D printing and robots, it will provide services to the light alloy manufacturing industry and promote the industry toward the high-end, green, intelligent, service-oriented development. The Light Alloy Innovation Center is settled in the Pearl River Delta region, and it will be built into a world-class platform for the world-class light alloy industry, driving the development of the industrial chain with upstream and downstream, enhancing regional manufacturing capacity, promoting the development of new materials and industrial restructuring and upgrading to accelerate the dream of foundry power nation!