Introduction of Anyang Qiang Ji and its technology

Anyang Qiang Ji Precision Manufacturing Base Co.,Ltd is a leading high tech company in providing foundry product design and development, precision casting products and development of precision casting equipment. Based on a systematic integrated investment casting technology, Anyang Qiang Ji develops the oversized or super small sized, thin walled, complex precision castings and various castings. Anyang Qiang Ji has provided hundreds kinds of nearly impossible products in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapon, automobile, energy, hydropower, ship, equipment and other civil and military fields successfully.The systematic integrated investment casting process of Anyang Qiang Ji is developed through a series of systematic integrated innovations in traditional investment casting. There are nearly 200 micro-innovations on the key process equipment and tools, every manufacturing process and materials and their preparation techniques, which make the technology reach the most advanced level of precision casting home and abroad at present.
Based on the technology,manufacturers have the abilities of making the products that are oversized or super small sized, thin walled, and with very complex and compact structure, which cannot be or hardly can be processed by traditional manufacturing such as turning, milling, planning and forging. Such processes can also help the manufacturers avoid worthless efforts. Thus during the product design, no matter how complex, how compact, how difficult the material is to process or cannot be process, the technology can provide for the security realization, it can liberate designers` ideas, and support and direct for a variety of optimized design. Based on the systematic integrated investment casting process, Anyang Qiang Ji has provided hundreds of “impossible” products such as the first aluminum integrated casting frame in the country and the hollow stator blade for nuclear power turbine-generator unit.
Besides, based on the understanding and improvements of the essence of the traditional process and process equipment, Anyang Qiang Ji developed a series of main equipment. It has a range of unique patented devices such as wax injector, wax test system, wax resistance to deformation logistics system, curtaining coating machine, shell mould dry system, de-waxing stove, wax recovery system, pouring furnace, solidification control furnace, heat treatment furnace and so on, which improves the current art situation of investment casting.
The systematic integrated investment casting technology can be applied to all industrial sectors that need metal part. In order to apply the technology to the national economic departments and industry, Anyang QiangJi develops industrialize practice through construction and operation of precision manufacturing base. Its intelligent investment casting production line in the park is the first set at home and aboard, it will break the bottleneck that the precision casting cannot be automated and mass produced. Besides, it is in line with the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction. The product line realized mass production of oversized and complex products and is advanced in the world.