A brand-new procurement experience of non-standard industrial products

The traditional procurement of non-standard industrial products has a lot of disadvantages such as the long-time span, complicated affecting factors, etc. Some factors in the purchasing process, including the selection of the right suppliers, the discussion of price, prototype manufacturing and evaluation, the order confirmation, the coordination and communication with suppliers, will directly affect the quality of the whole procurement. Facing the procurement difficulties such as limited time, heavy tasks and high standard, purchasing in traditional ways will not only take a lot of time and effort but also have quality risk. However, relying only on online procurement is lack of practical experiences, such as on-the-spot investigation, face-to-face negotiation and comparison of samples, the actual purchasing requirements can’t be met no matter which way you choose.
The unique online and physical B2B service model, is firstly created by China Foundry E-Commerce, solves the above-mentioned problems effectively. On China Foundry E-Commerce platform, the buyers can pick out better suppliers by our supplier screening system and watch their online digital exhibition hall, getting an initial understanding of supplier. After forming a preliminary intent, the buyers may go to our physical exhibition center which was designed based on the glasses-free 3D technology, virtual reality and front-projected holographic display technology to watch the supplier’s factory, the core equipment and inspect their workshop conditions, etc. to get a deep understanding of the enterprise’ s production and manufacturing capacity. Then the buyers could set up the proportion of each rating-item according to the actual needs, get a comprehensive evaluation. At the same time, the buyers will release the enquiry and get feedback from suppliers quickly. In addition, at the physical trading center, we also provide a private meeting room for buyers and suppliers to discuss business details face to face and sign the contract. We are committed to create a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable purchasing experience that can help buyers to reduce the purchasing cost, avoid the procurement risk, improve the procurement efficiency and save time and energy on the road.
Then how to get a safe, efficient and comfortable purchasing experience?
- Contact Customer Service to make an appointment
Please contact us, we will arrange an appointment for you to come to our exhibition center and participate the purchasing experience.
- Capability matching
Picking out the right suppliers in our system according to your purchasing demands, including foundry capacity, equipment, certificate qualification, material, casting process, etc.
- Qualification verification
The buyers can visit the private 360° panorama digital exhibition hall of suppliers to verify its qualification.
- Workshop inspection
The immersive virtual reality experience based on the VR technology in our exhibition center, which virtually duplicate the foundry, helps buyers visiting and reviewing the foundry remotely instead of spending time on the trip.
- Scoring evaluation
On our platform, the buyers can set up the proportion of each rating-item to score the foundries which are visited remotely so to help making the decision which adapt more to their own purchasing demand.
- Enquiries issuance
Getting the offer from supplier as quickly as possible for your reference.
- Businesses negotiation
Negotiate with suppliers face to face in a pleasant environment.
- Transaction payment
Providing the SAAS application service for both sides of transaction during the whole process.
The integration of the advanced technology and traditional foundry industry helps China Foundry E-Commerce to build a business platform which provides a series of service, including advanced intelligent knowledge consulting, the digital exhibition form "industrial display", “one-stop” buying and trading experience with low cost and high efficiency, industrial big data customized service and intelligent manufacturing technology. By connecting and integrating the industry chain of upstream and downstream enterprises, the company strives to realize “space sharing and information sharing” for all industrial chains, become the Alibaba of foundry industry, and build the most vital foundry industry service sharing ecosystem and create a new "Internet+casting" era.