FCRI Ceramic Filter

FCRI Group was established in 1958 with the head-quarter in Foshan, Guangdong. Based on the technological innovation, FCRI continuous adopting the modern management concept, persisting diversity, collectivity and globalization in the development. Now FCRI has become a comprehensive hi-tech enterprise in technology research, technical service, production and sales, economical trading and journal publishing.
With more than ten years of research and development, FCRI ceramic Filter has high refractoriness, good filtration effect and high filtration efficiency with unique three dimensional structures and 80-90 % open cell rate. Besides for melting metal filtration at high temperature, it can also be applied in gas treatment at high temperature, carrier of catalyzer, solid thermal exchange and special filling for chemical industry. With the foundation for FCRI (Gaoming) Industrial Park in 2017, the annual output for ceramic filter is 5000 m3.