Yizumi India Factory Delivers the First Injection Molding Machineto Customer

At the end of June 2017, UN650A5, the first injection molding machine manufactured by Yizumi India factory, was successfully delivered to customer for production of daily necessities. In view of customer’s production environment and the demand in Indian market, Yizumi’s business and technical teams earlier had conducted a great deal of market and technical research in India and made customized improvement on this machine.

Exterior of India factory

In less than a month after officially going into operation, Yizumi India factory has received batch orders from different customers and switched into high gear for production.

The first UN650A5 injection molding machine produced by Yizumi India factory

The Indian factory, whose full name is Yizumi Precision Machinery (India) Private Limited, was jointly invested and set up by the Yizumi and Varadan Ramesh who has over 20 years of experience in Indian injection molding industry. The new business was officially registered on August 4, 2016 and put into operation in June this year. It is located in Ahmedabad of Gujarat, India and covers an area of 8,775 square meters. To gain more popularity of HPM in Indian market and further develop the local market, Yizumi uses the dual-brand logo “YIZUMI-HPM” in India.

Unlike HPM North America Corporation which operates on the basis of localization, Yizumi’s Indian factory integrates Chinese management philosophy and methods with Indian culture, operating with innovative ideas. To support and facilitate multi-national operations and management, Yizumi’s Chinese headquarters and Indian factory exchange employees for learning and training. In addition, Yizumi has planned to organize language skill training for technical workers and engineers in batch to enhance their transnational communication ability.

This year, the main work of Yizumi’s Indian factory is to establish a quality management system according to standard operation procedures, to develop spare part suppliers, to build sales and service network, to seek improvement while maintaining stability and to provide efficient service for customers. “We plan to produce 100 to 150 machines this year and we don’t want to move forward too fast. We should firstly ensure that our products, though made in India, are of the same quality as those manufactured in our Chinese headquarters.” said James Zhang, Yizumi Deputy Managing Director and General Manager of Yizumi Injection Molding Machine Division.

In response to the demand in Indian market, Yizumi’s Indian factory will focus on manufacturing 650 tons and smaller SM series and A5 series injection molding machines at early stage and then gradually set about engineering of large-tonnage two-platen machines. The machines characterized by energy saving, high efficiency and stability will be positioned as medium to high-end products in Indian market. Zhang said, “The Indian factory will meet the needs for injection molding machines in the Indian market. Besides, a die casting machine overhaul platform will be built in the Indian factory to support the local overhaul work.”