Jinan MECH Valve Invests in Stereoscopic Warehouse

  Jinan MECH Valve Technology Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinan Meide Casting Co. Ltd., which is specialized in the production and sale of casting pipe fittings. As a labor-intensive manufacturing company, MECH Valve has become the industry epitome and representative in the construction of automated production and logistics. 

  Early in 2011, the parent company Meide Casting decided to invest 650 million yuan for the reconstruction and upgrade of every process and developed the complete flow automated production and logistics system independently, including casting, pouring, intelligent stereoscopic warehouse and EMS track. 

  As for logistics construction, MECH has used travelling crane, forklift, and belt conveyor to realize the shifts of different processes. The new technology park adopts automated cable logistics including shuttle vehicle, stocker, suspension self-propelled trolley, etc.

Since 2012, MECH Valve has carried out 2 phase construction of its stereoscopic warehouse.

  The stereoscopic warehouse and logistics system are applied to the storage of raw material, semi-finished products and finished products. It is one of the most complicated automated logistic systems in China with leading technology in the world. Automated storage and management can be implemented.

  MECH Valve cooperated with Hefei Gen-song Automation Technology in the planning of the complete production process of the new plant, with this stereoscopic warehouse as its center. The whole process not only includes the automated storage system, and also the delivery systems of material and finished products. The EMS transport system developed independently by Gen-song has been put into use. 

MECH’s stereoscopic warehouse designed by Gen-song.