China Casting Sand Industry Development Forum Held in Zhangwu

  China Casting Sand Industry Development Forum Held in Zhangwu China Casting Sand Industry Development Forum 2017 was held on Aug. 18-19, Zhangwu County, Fuxin, Liaoning Province, sponsored by China Foundry Association and the People’s Government of Fuxin Municipality, the forum aims to build a platform for the casting sand industry to exchange views on the development trend and latest technology. The forum is supported by the government to build a platform for the casting sand industry to extend its industry chain, improve industry level and realize win-win cooperation, with natural silica sand, advanced artificial sand in Zhangwu and 3D printing technology as the medium of the forum.
 “The high-level forum opens a new chapter for the casting sand industry base in Zhangwu and even in China.” The Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation and the Standing Vice President of China Foundry Association Mr. Zhang Libo said, even though Zhangwu casting silica sand industry base begins construction late but it stands on the high position and develops quickly. After sufficient demonstration of China Foundry Association and many experts, Zhangwu has improved its sand industry innovation level and developed 5 series, more than 20 types of casting sand. The casting production of Zhangwu accounts for 10% of the whole country. Now, Zhangwu has established the growing mode of orderly mining, protective utilization and synergy development.

 On Aug. 19, the opening ceremony of Silica Sand Trading Center in China was launched in Zhangwu. Zhangwu County has the natural aeolian sand resource with a future reserve of 3 billion tons, enjoying an important position in Northeast China and in the country. Zhangwu has made clear about its development direction in the casting silica sand industry and was awarded as the National Casting Silica Sand Base by China Foundry Association in 2016. Zhangwu has invested 160million RMB for the construction of silica sand logistics base, and also invested 1 million RMB in Liaoning medium small and micro-sized enterprises innovation base to build an offline exhibition hall and cooperate with e-commerce platform to open the on-line trading.