Die Casting Congress (DCC) Made a Big Success

Sponsored by China Foundry Association (CFA), “China International Die Casting Congress & the first CEO Forum” has been launched on Oct. 19, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, located in the Yangtze River Delta area which is one of the important die casting industry clusters in China.
The organizers include the Die Casting Branch of China Foundry Association, Hong Kong Foundry Association, Guangdong Foundry Industry Association, Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association, Chongqing Foundry Association and Suzhou Die Casting Association. The congress is planned to hold every two years.

The congress covers a variety of industry’s hot topics, including the situation of world die casting industry and the development trend, advanced die casting technology, seminars and CEOs dialogue. The aim is to provide a high-level platform for the participants to look into the future of the die casting industry, obtain business information and meet with friends.
Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was hosted by the forever honorary president of Hong Kong Foundry Association Mr. Jiang Yongzheng on Oct. 19.
There were almost 500 representatives participating in the congress and 70% of them from management level of die casting enterprises.The special guests included Mr. Wen Ping, the Executive vice president of China Foundry Association, Mr. Ding Wenjiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University., Mr. Sheng Quansheng, the Vice Mayor of Jiaxing City, Mr. S.S. Liu, Founder of L.K. Group, Chairman of Hong Kong Foundry Association, Mr. LEE Yuen Fat, Forever Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Foundry Association and Chairman of Kashui Group, Mr. Zhuang Shuiwang, the President of Taiwan Foundry Society, Mr. Anil K. Sachdev, Research Fellow and Lab Group Manager in the Chemical and Materials Systems Lab at the GM R&D Center, Mr. Thomas Fritsch, CEO of Foundry-planet, Mr. Xiong Shoumei, Professor of Tsinghua University and other experts, managers from well known die casting enterprises and organizations.
Mr. Wen Ping, Mr. Sheng Quansheng, Mr. Thomas Fritsch and Mr. Zhuang Shuiwang delivered opening speeches.

Keynote Reports
After the opening ceremony, Mr. Ding Wenjiang, Mr. Li Shi and Mr. Tong Guodong delivered their reports during the first half session. Mr. Ding Wenjiang made a speech on the Development of Die Casting Industry and Made in China 2025; the report makes a brief analysis on the main problem of the Chinese die casting industry and the differences of the die casting industry between China and Japan in terms of concepts, technology, management and operation. It also explained Made in China 2025 and the opportunities, challenges and direction of Chinese die casting industry.

Because of the VISA delay, Mr. Beau Glim missed the opportunity to come to the congress and his report was made by Mr. Li Shi about the current situation of North American die casting and cooperative areas with China. His presentation provided an update on the current state of the North American die casting industry, focusing on how the U.S. and world economy were impacting die casting companies in North America. In order to succeed, businesses need to improve and become more efficient. A set of standards for alloys, design, process and quality provide die casters with a starting point. These standards are not unique to an individual company and provide an opportunity for die casting organizations to work together. Another area that North America and China can work together is benchmarking of diecasting facilities to improve die casting product. Die casting can be further improved through an exchange of current technology trends.
Dr. Tong Guodong, the FAW Group Corporation Senior Specialist, Deputy Chief Engineer of FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., made a report on Die Casting Technology Supports the Lightweight of Automobile. Diecasting is very important for the production of aluminum and magnesium alloy auto parts. The automotive lightweight process is speeding up, which makes diecasting technology and other technology continue to develop in the competition and also puts forward higher requirements on die casting. He introduced the automotive lightweight trend and die casting application, FAW’s high performance die casting development, new requirements of automotive lightweight on die casting technology, and how to develop die casting technology to meet the challenge.

In the second half of the keynote reports session, Mr.Anil K. Sachdev made a report on the Lightweight Automotive Castings-Challenges and Opportunities. Castings have become a very important part of vehicle construction and are now a critical part of body, chassis and powertrain applications. As a result, development efforts to increase the use of aluminum and magnesium alloy castings to reduce vehicle weight for improved fuel economy have intensified in the past several years.

Mr. James Zhang from Guangdong WENCAN Die Casting Co.,Ltd. gave a presentation on International Connection for China"s Die Casting Enterprises and Its Risk.

Ms. Fan Qi, the vice president of China Foundry Association, introduced and promoted the next Die Casting Industry Exhibition which will be held in Shanghai on June 13-16, 2017. The die casting industry in China is developing fast with its die casting production, machine and sales volume are leading in the world, which calls for a world class die casting exhibition. But there have been over 10 die casting events in different scale in China, which have exhausted both exhibitors and visitors. As the only one national casting industry association, China Foundry Association has now cooperated with Hong Kong Foundry Association, Suzhou Die Casting Association as well as many local foundry associations and societies to integrate resources and make use of the positive energy of each side to build a world top diecasting exhibition in order to support Chinese die casting industry. Both exhibitors and visitors will benefit from less investment and more gain.

Mr. Meng Xianwei, expert of prevention of dust explosions, introduced and highlighted the Application of Safe Specifications for Prevention of Dust Explosions from the Mechanical Processing of Aluminum and Magnesium Products.
Various Technical Seminars
The second day’s technical seminars continued with its success. On Oct. 20, four seminars with different topics were held at the same time. Seminar 1: Equipment and Automation; Seminar 2: Alloy and Melting; Seminar 3: Die-casting Process and Die Manufacturing; Seminar 4: Dialogue with outstanding die casting entrepreneurs. Four seminars were well attended. A half day’s technical reports and exchanges offered by die casting experts attracted the great attention and interest of participants.

Plants Visit
After the forum, participants also had the opportunity to pay visits to well known die casting plants near Jiaxing city, including diecasting machine manufacturers, materials and castings suppliers.