LiuGong’s Core Castings Research Project Completed

Guangxi LiuGong Group has begun its research and development of core castings in Luzhai Economic Development Zone with an investment of 849 million Yuan. The main construction projects in the first stage include the torque converter plant, low pressure and gravity casting production line, hydraulic foundry plant and automatic green sand static pressure line, box foundry plant, axle housing plant and automatic resin sand production line, auxiliary facilities, etc Its annual output of various types of core castings can reach 50,000 tons, and annual value of production reach about 700 million Yuan. Core castings processing which is the value chain extension business will be expected to build in the second stage. After its construction, the project is expected to realize annual sales revenue of 650 million Yuan, providing an annual tax of about 25 million Yuan and creating more than 1000 job positions.
The first stage construction of the core castings project began in August 2012, and has been completed in the first half of this year. In August, the electric furnace, sand preparation, pouring machine and cooling machine have been installed, tested and put into trial production now.