FAW Foundry Research Project Break Technology Monopoly

Recently, led by FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., the national science and technology major project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", the research subject "3500 tons of precision horizontal real-time control die casting machine and complete sets of equipment" has passed its final technology acceptance in the casting mold plant of FAW Foundry.
The subject involves the joint research and hard work of well-known domestic production and research institutions for nearly four years, and finally the 3500 tons of real-time control die casting machine has been produced, and performance in air injection speed and supercharging pressure time have reached the international advanced level among similar products. It has also established the 3500 tons of fully automatic die casting production demonstration line in FAW, and meets the requirements of producing the 15 speed gearbox housing of heavy truck, 7 speed automatic gearbox housing and EA211 1.6 L engine cylinder block of Red Flag car as well as other large complex die castings.