KSM Auto Invests 300million for Die Casting Project

It’s reported that Chinese CITIC Group will invest 300 million Yuan in the KSM phase 2 and die center project that 2700 more aluminum alloy wheel dies will be produced per year.
KSM Qinhuangdao auto parts manufacturing co., Ltd. has invested 473 million Yuan for the annual output of 1.57 million die casting cylinder heads and 650,000 differential pressure casting steering knuckle brackets project in Qinhuangdao economic and technological development zone. The first stage of the project has been launched on March 23 this year. When it’s completed, it will include smelting workshop, die-casting workshop, the differential pressure casting workshop, machining workshop, and it will be equipped with 135 advanced equipments, such as the 2700t capacity of die-casting machine, oil mist filtering equipment, furnace blowing machine, heat treatment furnace.
Qinhuangdao KSM Group was founded in November 2013, which is an important step to introduce the international advanced foundry technology and process to China after CITIC Group purchased KSM Group.