Yizumi Gets an Order from North America

HPM North America Corporation, a member of Yizumi Group, has recently received an order for a 4500-ton die casting machine from Walker Die Casting which is a well-known auto parts maker in North America. This machine will be the largest die casting machine that Yizumi and HPM NA have ever manufactured. According to the contract signed by the two parties, the lead time is 16 months and HPM will deliver the machine at the beginning of 2017.
For both Yizumi and HPM NA, the 4500T machine will be a great challenge. Engineers from Yizumi and HPM NA will work on this project together to ensure successful completion of the project. The US engineers will be in charge of designing hydraulic, electrical and other critical parts while the Chinese engineers will assist their partners with all the design drawings of the project. HPM NA President William Flickinger will be responsible for making final decisions on the technology matters of the project.
It is known that the 4500T die casting machine will be used for the producing aluminum truck gearbox housings. Considering the future trend of lightweight automobiles, as well as the strong momentum of U.S. economic recovery, Walker Die Casting is confident of the development of US auto part market and therefore prepares for building a 4500T die-casting cell to respond to future development of the market and company.
The buyer Walker Die Casting is a casting manufacturer with a long history; it has been producing aluminum die cast parts since 1958 and now mainly serves the automobile, truck and outdoor equipment industries. Walker Die Casting occupies a pivotal position in the North American auto part industry and it is a corporate member of NADCA (North American Die Casting Association). Walker’s President John R Walker is also the Vice President of NADCA.