Federal Environment Ministry Promotes Production Line of GF Automotive

New lightweight production line of GF in Singen saves around 11.000 tonnages of CO2

The Federal Environment Ministry of Germany has provided the new GF Automotive with 5 million euro in funds from the environmental innovation program. GF is establishing a new resource-saving production line to increase the efficiency of the production of cast parts.

“The project shows that it is possible to implement a diverse cast part production line that saves resources while producing flexible quantities,” said the parliamentary state secretary of the federal environment ministry Rita Sutter at the handover of the funding agreement.

GF Singen produces cast parts for cars and trucks. The demand for lightweight solutions to decrease fuel consumption is increasing within the automotive industry. The increasing diversity of vehicles also needs a huge offer of different casting components. A resource-saving production of diverse and lightweight casting parts which are flexible in quantity cannot be realized with current manufacturing lines.

The aim of the project is to set up an innovative production line for the production of lightweight castings in small- and medium-sized serial production for the automotive industry. The new production line consists of several single systems as well as a superordinate IT-based and adaptive documentation- and control system. Furthermore it`s planned to register and clean the exhaust gas of the plant to be more energy-efficient. In cooperation with the development department of the automobile manufacturers, potential lightweight components can be developed to avoid 11,000 tons of CO2-emissions every year.