Dumore Acquires Grove Die Castin

President/CEO Guillermo “Wil” Fernandez announced Dumore Corp., Mauston, Wis., has acquired the assets of Grove Die Casting Inc., Union Grove, Wis.
Now registered as Grove Die Casting LLC, the company is operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dumore Corporation. According to Fernandez, “the acquisition will help improve our customer responsiveness by significantly reducing lead time for our lower volume aluminum diecast components. In addition, it vertically integrates aluminum diecasting capabilities within the state of Wisconsin and moves toward minimizing or eliminating the dependence on an out-of-state or offshore diecasting supply chain for our manufactured custom DC motors and industrial tools.”  
Grove Die Casting LLC will continue to provide aluminum diecasting, targeting customers with demand for low annual volumes and up to 250,000 parts or more requiring a 600-ton capacity press or less.
Dumore Corp. was established in 1913 by Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach. Today,  Dumore is a privately held corporation with multiple business units. Dumore Motors manufactures custom fractional horsepower DC motors, gear motors and motor assemblies. Dumore Tools provides high quality drilling, tapping and grinding tools. Dumore emergency starter solenoids, or battery contactors, for fire pump diesel engines are found worldwide.