Wisconsin Investment Caster Acquires Northern Precision

Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp., East Troy, Wis., announced its acquisition of Northern Precision Casting Corp., Lake Geneva, Wis. 
Northern Precision focuses on machinery and construction equipment, industrial tools and fluid handling system components in sizes from ounces to 30 lbs. The company pours more than 100 alloys. 
Wisconsin Precision, which celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2014, serves primarily manufacturers of food processing equipment, healthcare equipment and the OEM marketplace with castings up to 150 lbs. in more than 150 ferrous and nonferrous alloys. It has experienced significant growth over the years and the management sees this acquisition as an important key to its future growth.
 “With the strengths and talents each operation brings to the table, we feel there will be exciting possibilities for both our customers and employees,” said Cliff Fischer, co-owner and vice president of operations, Wisconsin Precision. “The added capacity will allow Wisconsin Precision Casting to continue to grow and to serve our customers by delivering a quality product on time at a competitive price.”
Northern Precision Casting will retain its name and become a division of Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp. The two plants are located within 19 miles of each other with more than 160,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capability.