New BMW Foundry in China will start operations in 2016

China’s share on BMW’s global sales market increased to 22% with a volume over 450,000 units in 2014. BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. manufactures the BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase, the BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase and standard version as well as the BMW X1 and ZINORO 1E. Further derivatives will follow in the future.
Leading premium auto markets are committing to invest in cutting-edge technologies and a flexible production network. The new engine plant (NEP), which is located next to the Tiexi car plant, is a good example of this development. With the start of production in 2016, the NEP will be a world-class, highly advanced and sustainable engine plant. It will produce the latest BMW engine products with a planned production capacity of 400,000 units a year, which will be exclusively supplied to the local production models 
Including a light metal foundry, the NEP will provide the complete value stream for engine production at one location, which is unique within the BMW production network. Based on the foundry process in Germany, BMW’s first foundry outside of Germany will operate with state-of-the-art processes and equipment. The foundry will adapt the production of sand cores in the foundry for low pressure diecastings, replacing traditional organic binders with particularly eco-friendly inorganic ones that cause close-to-zero environmentally harmful emissions and best operator working conditions at coremaking and casting machines. Thanks to the introduction of the innovative production procedure, the light metal foundry will achieve a 98% reduction in emissions of combustion residues. When the new engine plant is completed, it will be China’s cleanest engine plant, and together with Plant Tiexi, set benchmarks for the Chinese auto industry in terms of advancement and sustainability.