Top 10 news of China Foundry Industry in 2014

In nearly 2 months’ collecting and review, China Foundry Association, jointly with the industry influential media including China Industry News, Foundry, Foundry Technology, China Foundry Equipment and Technology, Metal Processing, Foundry Engineering, Specialty Casting & Non-ferrous Alloy and Heat Processing, released the top 10 foundry industry news in 2014. 
1. China Foundry Festival was successfully held in May
2. The Compiling of China Foundry Development History has been launched
3. Industry Credit System Construction achieved significant results
4. BRICS Foundry Association was founded, with Secretariat based in China
5. CFA undertook the compiling of proposals to the “13th Five-year Plan” of Chinese foundry industry
6. The 2nd batch of enterprises passed review of Industry Access and were announced
7. Release of the top 100 foundry enterprises, pioneering companies and promising SMEs
8. Foundry College of the Open University of China has been founded, and Casting Technology Training Program got approval
9. The foundry industry standards framework has been formulated
10. The event of China Foundry Week was held in October