CNR Signed a Contract with the America

On January 26, China CNR Corporation announced that its subsidiary CNR (America) has signed a 4100 million yuan contract for the Boston Red-orange Subway Project with the Bay Transportation Administration, Massachusetts.
October 23, 2014, China CNR received the order of 284 subway locomotives from the Bay Transportation Administration, Massachusetts, which is the first landing for Chinese railway vehicles on the America. China CNR will realize localization production by establishing railway transportation research and manufacturing base, employ and train the local workforce to deeply enter into the American market, and further expand into New York and Washington for more orders. 
It’s reported that the speed of these locomotives is 102km/h. On the basis of routine maintenance and overhaul, the vehicle will be able to run 129,000 km for one year with service life of at least 30 years. The structure strength and control safety of the vehicles will adopt the American standards.
The “Going out” of Chinese high-speed railway has made splendid accomplishments in 2014. At present, China is in negotiation with 28 countries including America, Russia, Brazil and Thailand for the high-speed railway construction. China CNR has reached $ 3000 million of export contract, up 73% compared with 2013