High-speed Train Cast Steel Brake Disc Makes Breakthrough

Recently, high purity and high performance cast steel brake disc fully independently manufactured by China Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co., LTD (CMEC), mounting on the first independent high-speed train brake system, is going on strict inspection and test on the inter-city trains. 
This product has broken the monopoly in key technology and component of high-speed train by foreign manufacturers. The bench test and early operation test show that the cast steel brake disc by CMEC performs well and many indicators prove better than that of foreign products. The application of this product marks that key component localization of the high-speed train brake system has made some progress and substantial breakthrough, which will further promote the localization process of high-speed trains.
In recent years, the world’s high-speed railway is developing fast, and the speed level is higher and higher. The brake system is the key technology for high-speed trains, while brake disc is one of the high-tech core components for brake system, as well as the focus of localization and independent production.