KSM(Qinhuangdao) Completed Initial Sample Products

The CITIC Dicastal wholly-owned subsidiary KSM(Qinhuangdao) Auto Parts Manufacturing Company, have produced its initial sample engine cylinder head covers of the machining production line. This is an important step for CITIC Dicastal to turn from single aluminum wheel production to diversified development, it marks another breakthrough in the auto parts lightweight manufacturing field and promotes the development of Chinese auto parts industry.

KSM(Qinhuangdao) plant and machining equipment has been built and installed in less than one year, overcoming the construction difficulties in winter. The initial products are manufactured for Volkswagon’s new generation engine cylinder head covers. The machining accuracy has reached to micrometer, representing the top level of auto parts machining process. 

KSM(Qinhuangdao) auto parts manufacturing company was registered on Nov. 1, 2013. Its establishment is an important step of CITIC Dicastal to localize the advanced technology of the German company KSM Group. KSM(Qinhuangdao) is devoted to set up a world class lightweight alloy auto parts production base in China and become a leader in the world lightweight component manufacturing industry.