11th CFA General Assembly Held in May

The biennial China Foundry Association General Assembly composed of an opening ceremony, keynote speeches and more than 9 feature forums was successfully held on May 18 in Beijing Convention Center. 

The opening ceremony was hosted by the standing vice-president of CFA Mr. Zhang Libo, and a lot of key industry related government officials, experts and entrepreneurs were invited to attend the industry event, focusing on the status and development trend.

The invited attendees delivered speeches on the macro economy of China, promoting the building of equipment manufacturing powerhouse and other key technical topics on materials and equipment. The president of CEMAFON Mr. Gabriele Galante also made a report on the European foundry equipment, providing inspiration to the cooperation for Europe and China. 

The 25th anniversary of cooperation between CEMAFON and China Foundry Association was celebrated in the afternoon, May 18. Zhang Libo, the executive vice-president of CFA made an opening speech. CEMAFON President Gabriele Galante gave an overview on the fruitful cooperation and business in the past. CEMAFON General Secretary Dr. Timo Würz made a report on the market situation. The executive vice-president and Secretary-general Mr. Wen Ping also made an introduction to the status and trend of China foundry industry.

CEMAFON and CFA both are foundry industry associations with a long history and wide influence. During the 25 years, CEMAFON has made joint efforts with CFA to deeply promote the improvement of mechanization and automation of China foundry industry, both its scale and quality. Mr. Zhang Libo said: “CEMAFON and its members have provided great supports to the development of China foundry industry. The 25 years have seen a radical change of China foundry industry: the casting production has achieved a 369% increase, jumping to 45 million tons in 2013 from the 9.6 million tons in 1989; the productivity has increased from 8.7 tons per person per year to 22.5 tons per person per year, which is a 159% increase. ”

He referred that the China-EU cooperation environment today was a perfect match of “time, location and people”. Time--the China-EU relation has entered the best period in history, while Chinese foundry industry comes at surging tide of industrial restructuring. Location--many European foundry equipment companies have built factories in China, and they know more about China, their products must be more welcome by Chinese customers. People—both sides have established a fully trust and deep friendship and will grow in the future.

On the occasion of the CFA banquet on May 19, Gabriele Galante, CEMAFON President, was awarded the title of a "China-Europe Foundry Communication Friendly Envoy".