2012 Casting Engineer qualification examination held in Tsinghua University

Foundry Engineer qualification examination authenticated by China Foundry Association was held in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University on November 3, 2012 .more than 30 candidates from 30 foundries conducted a triad test consisting of paper, written test and interview. The first expert committee consisting of more than 10 members , led by Zhang Boming, head of China Foundry Association Expert Committee, and divided into special casting group, steel casting group and iron casting group, interviewed as well as put forward questions concerning their theses respectively.

This year, the Casting Engineer Qualification Examination commenced on reform. Examination Expert Group first studied the papers of those candidates and after collective consultation posed 5 questions to each candidate during the interview, with 20 minutes for them to prepare before responding. What Zhang Boming explained for the reform was to allow those taking part to learn more by means of the exam rather than puzzle or intimidate them and the exam itself was designed to present them with opportunities to solve their questions through face-to-face communication with experts and also network with experts to explore proper solutions in the future production process. Only in this way can the qualified candidates improve the quality of their service and better serve the enterprise, which corresponds with the core principle of our examination.