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Foundrymen, industry suppliers, casting buyers and all other stakeholders in the domestic metal casting industry, will be looking forward to the forthcoming Metal Casting Conference, to be hosted from 13 – 16 March 2013 at the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in the North West province of South Africa. The event promises to provide a unique forum to share the latest international and national technological developments driving competitive advantage in the foundry industry, as well as a wonderful opportunity to network and socialise with foundry experts from all quarters of the globe.

Solutions for waste in the foundry sector


Robert S. Dungan, Ph.D., Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service

The metal casting industry is a vital component of any developing or developed nation, helping to generate significant revenue and employ hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In today’s economic climate, however, the number of foundries in on the decline and foundrymen are left with very few cost-saving strategies.
One such strategy is to divert the vast quantity of foundry by-products generated each year from landfills to beneficial use projects, thus minimising on-site or off-site disposal costs. Depending upon market demand, it may also be possible to sell the by-products to end-users. Numerous reports from the last two decades have demonstrated that by-products such as spent molding sand, slag, and baghouse dust can be beneficially used in various geotechnical and agricultural applications.

Global Metalcasting: A Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment


Alfred Spada is Editor/Publisher of Modern Casting and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazines and AFS Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

While all metalcasting nations are different in terms of our cultures, our bond as metalcasters is defined by the similarities that exist between all metalcasting industries. As the global economy tries to recover from the recession, each of our nations faces the obstacles of low-cost competition, an intense regulatory environment, and customers demanding quality increases and price decreases. The key is how we address these obstacles and continue to push our industries forward to profitability.
This presentation will examine the current state of the global metalcasting industry and assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The presentation begins with an overview of the global metalcasting industry, followed by a closer look at each of the leading metalcasting nations. Then, a SWOT analysis of metalcasting is performed, followed by an examination of what steps metalcasters must take to help propel the industry into the future.

Sponsorship of the conference presents an opportunity to organisations, companies and associations in the metal casting industry to market and profile themselves and to form valuable networking opportunities with national as well as international participants. The conference hosts invite potential sponsors to become part of the South African Metal Casting Conference 2013.

The South African Metal Casting Conference and Exhibition provides organisations, companies and associations with opportunities to network and engage with key decision-makers and professionals in industry. Business opportunities will be exploited. Several of the sponsorship opportunities also include exhibition space as part of the package. To express interest