China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 5 MW offshore wind power turbine launched off the assembly line

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was informed that its self R & D 5MW offshore wind power turbine has been launched off in Chongqing production base on July 27. According to the report, the wind power generator owns completely independent intellectual property rights, which has the biggest rotor diameter, the lightest head weight, and the highest power generation compare with similar models. This success indicated that the CSIC gained a phase achievement on non ship pillar industries.
This unit is an offshore wind power generator set which has three-bladed, upwind, horizontal axis, the electrical pitch system, grid connect system, using integrated casting rack, large bearing + gearbox, high-speed permanent magnet generator + full power converter, fully sealed cabin structure + internal empty cold circulatory system, the head is compact, which is 15% lighter than the same level wind turbine, it’s also the lightest one in the world, which greatly enhance the operating efficiency. The length of its blade is 75 meters, rotor diameter is up to 154 meters, which is the largest size of similar products, the swept area is also the maximum, apply to Class III wind zone, this range covers more than 90% of the wind farm, which greatly improve the efficiency and generating capacity of wind resources. The unit will soon be shipped to Jiangsu Rudong Yellow Sea wind farm for installation, and will be ready to generate within this year.