The high-end and green is the theme of foundry industry development in China

In the latest International Foundry Exhibition, lots of casting companies came to the exhibition. They exhibited independent R & D of large, high-end casting and forging parts that related to equipment manufacturing industry. Many of them are large scale critical malleable pieces of wind power and nuclear power, such as the world’s largest single ductile iron casting part, the world’s most advanced gas engine rack, and 3 MW wheel hub. This means China’s foundry industry has already started to carry out the strategy of self-manufacturing high-end castings, while keeping China as the world’s largest casting producing country in the world for ten years.
In the field of casting materials, green and environmental protection is also the theme of development. There are various products such as biodegradable paper made inside runner system, resin which free formaldehyde content is lower than the world’s advanced level, efficient heat preservation riser, and so on.