The Sinosteel Xingtai Machinery & Mill Roll Co., Ltd Being A Leader At Green Creation

Sinosteel XTMMC. sticks to the "Green Creation" concept throughout the product development and manufacturing process, dedicate to be an industry environmental leader, in order to enhance market competitiveness. This year, the company removed all coal-fired furnaces, all thermo process equipments are using environmentally-friendly energy, completed city-gas pipe & electrical energy renovations; implementing power system energy saving and dust removal device to control furnace exhaust. It also invested 18 million RMB on water projects, new water can be 100% re-used. All wastes are recycling, to achieve zero emissions on gas, water and garbage. A series of effective measures were taken to make the "Green Creation" covers all staffs and the whole production process, the company achieved both economic and social benefits, and has being rewarded as a “Green Foundry Demonstration Company” by China Foundry Association. (HE Wei-Dong, Cheng Jun)