China Foundry Association (CFA) is committed to building a business platform for our members and other related foundry enterprises´╝îhelps them to get orders, increase exports, and provide procurement and supply information for them. With the support of the only national foundry association--CFA, the business platform is authoritative and trustworthy.
For buyers, there are about 1,400 excellent and well-known suppliers in our databases.
CFA holds International Casting Sourcing Fair every year, provide a platform for face to face communication between buyers and suppliers.
Please don't hesitate to contact us!
List of Casting supplies:
Cixi Huili Machinery & Electrical Co.,Ltd. Resin sand Iron, Aluminum Electrical power
Wafangdian Bearing Group Casting Co.,Ltd. Resin sand Iron, Steel Machine tool, Mine
Dongying Yicheng Precision Metal Co.,Ltd. Investment casting Steel Pump, Valve
Metcast Handan Foundry Ltd. Resin sand Iron, Steel Construction machinery
Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co.,Ltd. Gravity die casting Aluminum Automobile
Dalian Jinhe Casting Co.,Ltd. Resin sand Iron Machine tool
Donggang Yingshuo Machinery Co.,Ltd. Green sand Iron General machinery
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